Bioinspiration & Biomimetics | VOL. 2

Perspectives on biologically inspired design: introduction to the collected contributions

Publication Date Oct 16, 2007


Biologically inspired design (BID) or biomimicry consists of using biological principles to inform engineering designs and applications. As both a method and goal, BID therefore cuts across many disciplines that currently are organized around functional criteria (e.g. mechanical engineering) or levels of inquiry (e.g. cell biology). Two challenges arise from this disjunction: (1) Recognizing the fields, problems and applications for which BID has or can have an impact; (2) Understanding the basic steps required for a successful and deep fusion of biological and engineering knowledge. The need to develop a clearer picture of the breadth and depth of biologically inspired design was the basic impetus behind the 2006 International Conference in Biologically inspired Design in Science and Engineering held at Georgia Tech. This conference is one of a number of recent efforts, particularly in the European community, that are drawing attention to the depth and breadth of biologically inspired design as practiced by a vigorous community of scientists and engineers. The works presented in this special issue comprise some of the contributions of our 2006 conference, and cover a range of topics, areas and research approaches. Our goal is to enable a more global understanding of the impact of BID on current research and the identification of important steps (and constraints) in the on-going dialog between biologists and engineers. We are concerned with transference of biological principles to engineering designs and applications, but al...

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