ABSTRACT The aim of this case report was to present the combined orthodontic and surgical treatment of a patient with Apert syndrome in an adult stage. A 15 years old male patient with Apert syndrome was concerned about the appearance of his face and malocclusion. His profile was concave with a retruded maxilla and prominent lower lip. He had an Angle class I molar relationship with a 9.5 mm anterior open bite. The amount of crowding was 20.4 mm in the maxilla and 6 mm in the mandible. Cephalometric analysis revealed a skeletal Class III relationship due to maxillary hypoplasia with a dolichofacial growth pattern. Orthodontic treatment and orthognathic surgery were planned for the patient. After 45 months of presurgical orthodontics, the patient underwent two surgeries sequentially. The first surgery was performed to advance the maxilla and the second surgery was performed to correct the mandibular rotation and increase the overbite at the time of removing halo device. The amount of maxillary advencement was 8 mm. Mandibula was moved 1.5 mm anteriorly and rotated 1° to 1.5° (SNB and facial depth) in a counterclockwise direction. After a relatively long treatment, an esthetically pleasing and functional occlusion and correction of the skeletal problem was achieved in this adult case. How to cite this article Kaya D, Taner T, Aksu M, Keser EI, Tuncbilek G, Mavili ME. Orthodontic and Surgical Treatment of a Patient with Apert Syndrome. J Contemp Dent Pract 2012; 13(5):729-734.

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