Analytica Chimica Acta | VOL. 1238

On-chip electromembrane extraction of some polar acidic drugs from plasma samples by the development of an active and efficient polymeric support for liquid membrane based on electrospinning process

Publication Date Jan 1, 2023


Electromembrane extraction (EME), despite its high performance in the extraction of highly polar basic analytes, has challenges in extracting polar acidic compounds. This is the result of a lack of access to the suitable supported liquid membrane (SLM) for this group of analytes. Therefore, it would be valuable to provide a suitable solution for this problem. Accordingly, in the present study, a new method based on on-chip EME followed by HPLC with UV detection was developed for the extraction and determination of some polar acidic drugs in order to provide high extraction efficiency. Here, a new polymeric sheet was introduced as a support for SLM immobilization, which is not only used to impregnate 1-octanol as SLM but also enhances extraction recovery by exerting effective interactions with target acidic analytes. The polymeric sheet was composed of nanofibers prepared by electrospinning polycaprolactone blended with a composite of graphene oxide and aluminum polycations. Encapsulation of the composite in polycaprolactone nanofibers improved the extraction efficiency of polar acidic compounds by creating additional interactions with the target analytes, including hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole, π-π stacking, and anion exchange process. The electrospun nanofiber-based sheet was characterized by FE-SEM, EDX, elemental mapping, TEM, and AFM. The extraction parameters were further optimized with an orthogonal-rotatable central composite design (CCD). Applying CCD determined optimal conditions by minimum experiments, and inter...


On-chip Electromembrane Extraction Polar Acidic Compounds Polymeric Sheet Composite Of Graphene Oxide Anion Exchange Process Aluminum Polycations Electromembrane Extraction Plasma Samples Central Composite Design Electrospinning Process

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