Nitinol, a nickel-titanium alloy known for its exceptional properties of shape memory, superelasticity, and biocompatibility, has revolutionized the field of endodontics. This article explores the evolutionary journey of Nitinol in endodontics, highlighting its historical inception and subsequent integration into dental instruments. The article delves into pivotal advancements such as heat treatment and surface functionalization, showcasing their transformative effects on the mechanical properties and biocompatibility of Nitinol instruments. The discussion encompasses terms related to NiTi file design, including helical flute angles, pitch, cutting edges, rake angles, radial lands, cross-sectional shapes, and taper. Moreover, the article elucidates the modes of movement employed by NiTi files, including continuous rotary motion, reciprocating motion, and axial motion, emphasizing their significance in enhancing precision and minimizing risks. Through an exploration of Nitinol's evolution and its impact on endodontic procedures, this article underscores the symbiotic relationship between innovative materials and the evolving landscape of dentistry.

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