New Challenges in Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy Education

Publication Date May 20, 2022


Medical imaging and radiotherapy professionals develop a crucial role at healthcare institutions in providing diagnostic images or deliver radiation treatment. As characteristic in the healthcare field, this work is performed in a multidisciplinary team and environment, which requires soft skills to contribute for the good team functioning and healthcare provided. The technological equipment and information and communication systems are a strong facet of the professional practice, which is in constant evolution, leading to changes in the clinical workflow and in the essential personal competencies in these contexts. Consequently, the training of these professionals is demanding and requires a continuous adaptation of teaching and learning strategies. Active teaching and learning, which should promote the search for knowledge and skills acquisition, and developing a “learning to learn” philosophy may be applied in schools and expand through a lifelong learning context to deal with the professional scenarios in a constantly evolving world.

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Professional Scenarios
Medical Imaging Professionals
Clinical Workflow
Technological Equipment
Medical Imaging Education
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Healthcare Institutions
Skills Acquisition
Changes In Workflow
Learning Strategies

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