Given the Great Silk Road and other megaprojects, China's position on the world stage in general is expanding. An area where the Sino-US confrontation could create a deplorable situation in the Middle East is China's attempts to introduce new global digital infrastructure and communication standards. The pandemic has affected global consumption and demand volumes. Presumably, China and its partners primarily want to assess the situation, how trade and tourism are changing on the planet in the face of a global pandemic. It is also interesting to see how the countries participating in the One Belt One Road initiative will continue to jointly invest directly in ongoing projects beyond their borders. The aim of the chapter is to assess China's influence based on analysis its policies in the Middle East region and its implemented and planned trade and business projects as well as an assessment of the results we might expect in the long run amid increased competition between global actors in the oil region.


Global Digital Infrastructure Great Silk Road China's Influence Middle East Demand Volumes Business Projects World Stage Road Initiative Communication Standards Global Actors

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