World Neurosurgery | VOL. 166

Microsurgical Anatomy of the Cerebellar Interpeduncular Entry Zones

Publication Date Oct 1, 2022


The cerebellar interpeduncular region, particularly the middle cerebellar peduncle (MCP) and interpeduncular sulcus (IPS) are significant surgical relevance areas due to the high prevalence of vascular and tumoral pathologies, such as cavernomas, arteriovenous malformations, and gliomas. We defined safer access areas of the MCP and the IPS, according to the surface anatomy, involved vessels, and fiber tracts of the cerebellar interpeduncular region. Fifteen formalin-fixed and silicone-injected cadaveric heads and 23 human brainstems with attached cerebellums prepared with the Klingler's technique were bilaterally dissected to study the vascular and intrinsic anatomy. Surface anatomy: The mean length of the IPS was 12.73mm (standard deviation [SD],2.15mm), and the average measured angle formed by the IPS and the lateral mesencephalic sulcus was 144.53°. The mean distance from the uppermost point of the IPS to cranial nerve IV was 2.63mm (SD, 2.84mm). Vascular anatomy: The perforating branches of the superior cerebellar peduncle, IPS, and MCP originated predominantly from the caudal trunk of the superior cerebellar artery. The inferior third of the superior cerebellar peduncle and IPS was the third most pierced by perforating arteries, and for the MCP, was its superior third. Crossing vessels: The branches of the pontotrigeminal vein and the caudal trunk of the superior cerebellar artery crossed the IPS mostly. The superior third of the IPS was the most crossed by arteries and veins. The middle thirds of the IPS and MCP as ent...


Superior Third Middle Cerebellar Peduncle Vascular Anatomy Inferior Thirds Inferior Third Lateral Mesencephalic Sulcus Klingler's Technique Tumoral Pathologies Intrinsic Anatomy Cerebellar Peduncle

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