Current Trends and Future Developments on (Bio-) Membranes

Membrane technologies for exhaust gas cleaning and carbon capture and sequestration

Publication Date Jan 1, 2020


Abstract Exhaust gases are a very real threat to human life and the environment. A wide range of pollutants and greenhouse gases are produced in combustion processes such as particulates, SOx, NOx, CO2, etc. While there are accepted technologies available to remove most of these pollutants suitable processes for CO2 separation have not yet been developed or are limited. One of the challenges for CO2 separation from exhaust gas is the complexity of CO2/N2 separation. However, membrane separation processes by postcombustion, precombustion, and oxy-combustion can be used for CO2 separation from exhaust gas. The main propose of postcombustion process is focused on the separation of CO2 from exhaust gas and it should be regarded that usually partial pressure of CO2 is very low. Polymeric CO2 selective membranes are the best choice for CO2 separation from common exhausted gases. In precombustion processes, fuels convert to a stream of CO2 and H2 and oxy-combustion processes replace the pure oxygen to achieve a high concentration of CO2 exhaust. Moreover, ion transport membranes are applicable in oxy-combustion processes, and a wide range of high-temperature-resistant H2 selective membranes can be used for the precombustion process. In this chapter, membrane-assisted pre-, oxy-, and postcombustion processes are discussed.

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Exhaust Gas
Precombustion Process
Wide Range Of Pollutants
H2 Selective Membranes
Ion Transport Membranes
Oxy-combustion Processes
Stream Of CO2
Partial Pressure Of CO2
Membrane Separation Processes
Postcombustion Process

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