Giant transmission and reflection of a finite bandwidth are demonstrated at the same wavelength when the electromagnetic wave is incident on a subwavelength array of parity-time (PT) symmetric dimers embedded in a metallic film. Remarkably, this phenomenon vanishes if the metallic substrate is lossless while keeping other parameters unchanged. Moreover super scattering can also occur when increasing the loss of the dimers while keeping the gain unchanged. When the metafilm is adjusted to the vicinity of an exceptional point, tuning either the substrate dissipation or the loss of the dimers can lead to supper scattering in stark contrast to what would be expected in conventional systems. In addition, increasing the gain of the dimers can increase the absorption near the exceptional point. These phenomena indicate that the PT-synthetic plasmonic metafilm can function as a thinfilm PT-plasmonic laser or absorber depending on the tuning parameter. One implication is that super radiation is possible from a cavity by tuning cavity dissipation or lossy element inside the cavity.

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