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Leveraging palaeoproteomics to address conservation and restoration agendas.

Publication Date May 20, 2022


Archaeological and paleontological records offer tremendous yet often untapped potential for examining long-term biodiversity trends and the impact of climate change and human activity on ecosystems. Yet, zooarchaeological and fossil remains suffer various limitations, including that they are often highly fragmented and morphologically unidentifiable, preventing them from being optimally leveraged for addressing fundamental research questions in archaeology, paleontology, and conservation paleobiology. Here, we explore the potential of palaeoproteomics-the study of ancient proteins-to serve as a critical tool for creating richer, more informative datasets about biodiversity change that can be leveraged to generate more realistic, constructive, and effective conservation and restoration strategies into the future.

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Conservation Paleobiology
Impact Of Climate Change
Biodiversity Change
Restoration Strategies
Effective Conservation
Impact Of Human Activity
Realistic Restoration
Effective Conservation Strategies
Human Activity
Conservation Agendas

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