Frontiers in Veterinary Science | VOL. 9

Lactate uptake in the rumen and its contributions to subacute rumen acidosis of goats induced by high-grain diets

Publication Date Sep 20, 2022


Rumen acidosis is the consequence of feeding rapidly fermentable grain diets and it is considered the most common nutritional disorder in intensive feeding ruminants. Due to that mechanism of catabolism and transformation is driven by multi-factors, the role of ruminal lactate and its contribution to subacute rumen acidosis has not been well defined yet. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of SARA on the production, absorption, circulation, and transformation of lactate in the rumen. In this study, rumen samples were collected from 12 adult Saanen goats (44.5 ± 4.6 kg BW) equipped with permanent rumen cannula to measure rumen fermentation parameters, organic acids production, microbial profiles, and blood indicators to identify the occurrence of SARA. To further investigate the change in the disappearance rate of ruminal lactate, rumen fluid was collected and a batch culture was performed. The results showed that the clearance rate of ruminal lactate was accelerated by SARA, and the concentration of the ruminal lactate pool was stable. In addition, the rumen liquid dilution rate and the rumen liquid flow rate under the SARA condition of goats were lower than that in normal conditions. The ruminal lactate flow rate had no difference throughout the process of fermentation. However, in vitro data showed that the disappearance of lactate was reduced in SARA. By measuring the conversion of sodium L-[3-13C]-lactate in batch culture, it was found that the percentage of lactate converted to propionate was significantly ...


Disappearance Of Lactate Batch Culture High-grain Diets Ruminal Lactate Megasphaera Elsdenii Rumen Acidosis Butyrivibrio Fibrisolvens Clearance Rate Of Lactate Organic Acids Production Selenomonas Ruminantium

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