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Is it Possible to do Quality Science in Anatomy? Brazilian Scientists say Yes!

Publication Date May 1, 2022


In October 2021, the AD Scientific Index published a list of the Latin America Top 10.000 Scientists.This list was carefully elaborated to be a reference for the scientific performance and the added value of the scientific productivity of individual scientists. The total and last 5 years' values of the i10 index, h-index, and citation scores in Google Scholar were used. Individual scientists were classified by 12 subjects (Agriculture & Forestry, Arts, Design and Architecture, Business & Management, Economics & Econometrics, Education, Engineering & Technology, History, Philosophy, Theology, Law/Law and Legal Studies, Medical and Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Others). Within these main subjects, a further classification included the authors' citation of their research field, such as organic chemistry, software architecture, anatomy, exercise physiology, neurosciences, and many others. Of the 10.000 scientists listed, a total of 7656 are Brazilian, most of them (2134) from the University of São Paulo. We searched the subject "Anatomy" on the list and found 33 mentions. From these, 29 are Brazilian scientists, 9 of them working with "plant anatomy" or related botanic fields, leaving a total of 20 names listed as working either on human or animal anatomy. We cross-checked these 20 names with the actual list of the Brazilian Society of Anatomy members and found that 18 listed scientists are members of the Brazilian Society of Anatomy (Sociedade Brasileira de Anatomia - SBA). Despite being little in numb...


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