Molecular therapy oncolytics | VOL. 25

Intratumoral delivery of a novel oncolytic adenovirus encoding human antibody against PD-1 elicits enhanced antitumor efficacy.

Publication Date Jun 16, 2022


To date, diverse combination therapies with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs), particularly oncolytic virotherapy, have demonstrated enhanced therapeutic outcomes in cancer treatment. However, high pre-existing immunity against the widely used adenovirus human serotype 5 (AdHu5) limits its extensive clinical application. In this study, we constructed an innovative oncolytic virus (OV) based on a chimpanzee adenoviral vector with low seropositivity in the human population, named AdC68-spE1A-αPD-1, which endows the parental OV (AdC68-spE1A-ΔE3) with the ability to express full-length anti-human programmed cell death-1 monoclonal antibody (αPD-1). Invitro studies indicated that the AdC68-spE1A-αPD-1 retained parental oncolytic capacity, and αPD-1 was efficiently secreted from the infected tumor cells and bound exclusively to human PD-1 (hPD-1) protein. Invivo, intratumoral treatment with AdC68-spE1A-αPD-1 resulted in significant tumor suppression, prolonged overall survival, and enhanced systemic antitumor memory response in an hPD-1 knockin mouse tumor model. This strategy outperformed the unarmed OV and was comparable with combination therapy with intratumoral injection of AdC68-spE1A-ΔE3 and systemic administration of commercial αPD-1. In summary, AdC68-spE1A-αPD-1 is a cost-effective approach with potential clinical applications. ‬‬‬‬.

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Oncolytic Virus
Chimpanzee Adenoviral Vector
Significant Tumor Suppression
Outcomes In Cancer Treatment
Infected Tumor Cells
Low Seropositivity
Intratumoral Treatment
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
Potential Clinical Applications
Cost-effective Approach

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