Integrated Process Design and Control for Smart Grid Coordinated IGCC Power Plants Using Economic Linear Optimal Control


The Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) possesses a number of advantages over traditional power generation plants, including increased efficiency, flex-fuel, and carbon capture. A lesser-known advantage of the IGCC system is the ability to coordinate with the smart grid. The idea is that process modifications can enable dispatch capabilities in the sense of shifting power production away from periods of low electricity price to periods of high price and thus generate greater revenue. The work begins with a demonstration of Economic Model Predictive Control (EMPC) as a strategy to determine the dispatch policy by directly pursuing the objective of maximizing plant revenue. However, the numeric nature of EMPC creates an inherent limitation when it comes to process design. Thus, Economic Linear Optimal Control (ELOC) is proposed as a surrogate for EMPC in the formulation of the integrated design and control problem for IGCC power plants with smart grid coordination.

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