Because of the need to diversify the renewable energy matrix and because hydrokinetic tidal energy technologies are mature, many in-stream tidal energy resource studies are available globally. Still, there are many questions regarding the effect of seabed changes on tidal energy resources. For coastal regions in particular, where the seabed is generally more mobile than in deep waters, bathymetric evolution could significantly affect tidal energy production. Here, two models are used to analyse the potential effect of natural morphodynamic change on tidal energy resources at two macro-tidal sandy bays, Adair Bay and San Jorge Bay, in the Upper Gulf of California, Mexico. One of the models is (purely) hydrodynamic, and the other is a morphodynamic model (with hydrodynamic–morphodynamic coupling). The models are validated against tidal current observations obtained with acoustic Doppler current profilers in the region of interest, using three different error statistics, which showed good agreement between models and observations. The results also showed that the most significant bed changes and the largest renewable energy resources are located near the shore. Moreover, there was a good correlation between (a) regions with the most significant depth changes and (b) the areas where the difference in annual energy production with and without depth change was largest. Finally, a two-year simulation with the morphodynamic model permitted to analyse the seabed evolution of a zonal profile off Punta Choya, the headland between the two bays. This profile evolved towards a featureless equilibrium, as expected from the morphological classification for macro-tidal sandy environments under a dominant tidal forcing. However, most importantly, this natural evolution would not be detrimental to tidal energy exploitation at the site.

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