Molecular therapy oncolytics | VOL. 25

Inhibition of MEK-ERK pathway enhances oncolytic vaccinia virus replication in doxorubicin-resistant ovarian cancer.

Publication Date Jun 16, 2022


Oncolytic vaccinia virus (OVV) has been reported to induce cell death in various types of cancer; however, the oncolytic activity of OVV in drug-resistant ovarian cancer remains limited. In the present study, we established doxorubicin-resistant ovarian cancer cells (A2780-R) from the A2780 human ovarian cancer cell line. Both A2780 and A2780-R cells were infected with OVV to explore its anticancer effects. Interestingly, OVV-infected A2780-R cells showed reduced viral replication and cell death compared with A2780 cells, suggesting their resistance against OVV-induced oncolysis; to understand the mechanism underlying this resistance, we explored the involvement of protein kinases. Among protein kinase inhibitors, PD0325901, an MEK inhibitor, significantly augmented OVV replication and cell death in A2780-R cells. PD0325901 treatment increased the phosphorylation of STAT3 in A2780-R cells. Moreover, cryptotanshinone, a STAT3 inhibitor, abrogated PD0325901-stimulated OVV replication. Furthermore, trametinib, a clinically approved MEK inhibitor, increased OVV replication in A2780-R cells. Transcriptomic analysis showed that the MEK inhibitor promoted OVV replication via increasing STAT3 activation and downregulating the cytosolic DNA-sensing pathway. Combined treatment with OVV and trametinib attenuated A2780-R xenograft tumor growth. These results suggest that pharmacological inhibition of MEK reinforces the oncolytic efficacy of OVV in drug-resistant ovarian cancer.

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