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Influence of microbial additive on the number of dominant intestinal microorganisms of piggies under action of stress weaning

Publication Date Jul 16, 2022


The article presents the results of the study of the number of dominant intestinal microorganisms in piglets during weaning for 28 days of life (under stress), as well as in different periods of resistance (20 and 60 days after weaning) and the inclusion in the diet of microbial supplements “Biovir”. The experiments were performed on clinically healthy piglets 5–90 days of the age of the Poltava white breed. On the 28th day of life, the piglets were weaned from the sow, which served as industrial stress for the animals. Piglets of the experimental group were additionally fed from 5 to 45 days of age feed supplement “Biovir,” the use and doses of which are agreed following the instructions and offered by the manufacturer – biotechnology company “Ariadna” in Odessa. The analysis of the obtained results indicates that during weaning (28 days of life) in the intestines of piglets that did not receive supplements of microbial origin “Biovir,” the number of dominant microorganisms is within the specified age of animals, which is a sign of microorganisms, healthy animals and indicates a sufficient level of adaptive responses of their body. It was found that under stress in the ileum and colon of piglets that did not receive supplements, the number of dominant intestinal microorganisms is characterized by a decrease in bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, as well as the growth of Escherichia coli by an average of two orders of magnitude (P < 0.05), resistance 20 days after weaning. There was no stabilization of the number of groups o...


Dominant Microorganisms 28th Day Of Life Colon Of Piglets Intestines Of Piglets Cessation Of Feeding Biotechnology Company Age Of Animals Healthy Animals 28th Day Lactic Acid Metabolism

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