Frontiers in Energy Research | VOL. 8

Impact of Uncertainties on the Design and Cost of CCS From a Waste-to-Energy Plant

Publication Date Feb 25, 2020


Uncertainties are an inherent and important element of novel systems with limited large-scale industrial experience and must be taken into account in order to enable the design of cost-efficient energy systems. This paper investigates the optimal design of carbon capture and storage from a waste-to-energy plant under uncertainties. With the aim of providing a better understanding of the impact of uncertainties on the design and cost of CCS chains, as well as the capture technology selection, the case of a hypothetical 40 MW waste-to-energy plant located in Norway is considered. The impact of key technical and cost uncertainties on the cost of different CO2 capture and CCS chain options are investigated using an in-house techno-economic CCS assessment tool combined with an uncertainty quantification framework. When the different capture options are compared on a deterministic basis, the advanced amine yields the best performances (CO2 avoidance cost of 153 €/tCO2,avoided), followed by the membrane process based on partial capture (200 €/tCO2,avoided) and MEA-based capture (217 €/tCO2,avoided). However, in contrast with the advanced amine, the partial capture considered in the membrane process does not enable net negative CO2 emissions. Once technical and cost uncertainties are taken into account, the advanced amine-based capture remains the best option, however the MEA-based capture outperform the membrane process. Finally, the stochastic optimisation showed that the uncertainties considered do not impact the optimal capture ...

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