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IFeatureOmega: an integrative platform for engineering, visualization and analysis of features from molecular sequences, structural and ligand data sets

Publication Date May 7, 2022


Abstract The rapid accumulation of molecular data motivates development of innovative approaches to computationally characterize sequences, structures and functions of biological and chemical molecules in an efficient, accessible and accurate manner. Notwithstanding several computational tools that characterize protein or nucleic acids data, there are no one-stop computational toolkits that comprehensively characterize a wide range of biomolecules. We address this vital need by developing a holistic platform that generates features from sequence and structural data for a diverse collection of molecule types. Our freely available and easy-to-use iFeatureOmega platform generates, analyzes and visualizes 189 representations for biological sequences, structures and ligands. To the best of our knowledge, iFeatureOmega provides the largest scope when directly compared to the current solutions, in terms of the number of feature extraction and analysis approaches and coverage of different molecules. We release three versions of iFeatureOmega including a webserver, command line interface and graphical interface to satisfy needs of experienced bioinformaticians and less computer-savvy biologists and biochemists. With the assistance of iFeatureOmega, users can encode their molecular data into representations that facilitate construction of predictive models and analytical studies. We highlight benefits of iFeatureOmega based on three research applications, demonstrating how it can be used to accelerate and streamline res...


Ligand Data Sets Command Line Interface Molecular Data Largest Scope Research In Bioinformatics Standalone Versions Chemical Molecules Research In Computational Biology Vital Need Feature Analysis Approaches

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