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Identification of Critical Success Factors of E-Marketplace Adoption by SMEs: A Systematic Review

Publication Date Jun 16, 2022


The e-marketplace is a technological innovation that facilitates the interaction of several sellers and buyers on a single electronic platform, resulting in more efficient transactions and a broader market reach. Despite these benefits, SMEs adoption of this e-marketplace remains poor. The objective of this study is to examine and characterize the critical success factors (CSFs) affecting SMEs' adoption of e-marketplaces.A systematic review of the existing literature was conducted to explore CSFs of e-marketplace from previous studies. The 21 publications were critically reviewed in order to comprehend the theoretical framework used in previous research and the CSFs associated with e-marketplace adoption. In general, the framework used is a combination of the technology-organization-environment framework and the diffusion of innovation.This study identifies eight CSFs, namely perceived relative advantages, compatibility, security, product characteristics, top management support, competitive pressure, partner pressure, and government support.This study advises researchers and practitioners on the CSFs that should be considered while adopting an e-marketplace by SMEs. Keywords: Electronic marketplace adoption; e-marketplace; literature review; critical success factors; small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Critical Success Factors
Identification Of Critical Success Factors
Electronic Marketplace Adoption
E-Marketplace Adoption
Top Management Support
Efficient Transactions
Competitive Pressure
Medium-sized Enterprises
Product Characteristics
Critical Factors

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