Sorcin (Sri), a member of penta EF-hand protein family plays a diverse role in maintaining calcium homeostasis, cell cycle and vesicular trafficking. Sri is highly conserved amongst mammals and consists of N-terminal glycine rich domain and C-terminal calcium binding domain that mediates its dimerization and interacts with different compounds. In the present study, with the help of combination of computational and molecular biology techniques, we have identified a novel isoform (Sri-N) in mouse which differs only in the C-terminal domain with that of Sri reported earlier. The novel isoform contains a new last exon that is different from the one present in the reported transcript (Sri). The presence of the novel isoform was further validated in different tissues by RT-PCR and DNA sequencing. The transcript was conceptually translated and subjected to in-silico analysis using different bioinformatics tools. The novel transcript variant encodes for a longer protein isoform without any change in the sub-cellular localization as predicted by PSORT-II online tool. Molecular modelling was performed to compare the structural changes in Sri-N and Sri isoforms. The structural characterization of the novel isoform using MD simulation depicted its overall stability under the physiological conditions. The molecular docking of proteins with various chemotherapeutic drugs revealed that their binding affinity is more for Sri-N as compared to that for the previously reported transcript Sri.

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