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How a tax credit is spurring carbon capture

Publication Date Feb 24, 2020


This year, the US presidential candidates are debating a number of policies designed to combat climate change by cutting down on carbon dioxide. Ideas in the mix include passing a giant Green New Deal, establishing carbon cap-and-trade schemes, instituting a carbon tax, and planting a lot of trees. The most effective policies, economists and industrialists agree, are those that put a price on carbon. Doing so with a tax could make for a potent policy, but the idea doesn’t have traction among legislators. Yet a low-key adjustment to the US tax code is poised to make capturing CO2 a financial winner for companies making corn ethanol and ammonia. And it may get high-emitting industries, including cement, steel, and power, to jump on the carbon-capture bandwagon. If demand for carbon-capture deployments soars, investors may place more bets on firms working on new, lower-cost capture technologies. The new rule is not a

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