Deep learning has been effective for histology image analysis in digital pathology. However, many current deep learning approaches require large, strongly- or weakly labeled images and regions of interest, which can be time-consuming and resource-intensive to obtain. To address this challenge, we present HistoPerm, a view generation method for representation learning using joint embedding architectures that enhances representation learning for histology images. HistoPerm permutes augmented views of patches extracted from whole-slide histology images to improve classification performance. We evaluated the effectiveness of HistoPerm on 2 histology image datasets for Celiac disease and Renal Cell Carcinoma, using 3 widely used joint embedding architecture-based representation learning methods: BYOL, SimCLR, and VICReg. Our results show that HistoPerm consistently improves patch- and slide-level classification performance in terms of accuracy, F1-score, and AUC. Specifically, for patch-level classification accuracy on the Celiac disease dataset, HistoPerm boosts BYOL and VICReg by 8% and SimCLR by 3%. On the Renal Cell Carcinoma dataset, patch-level classification accuracy is increased by 2% for BYOL and VICReg, and by 1% for SimCLR. In addition, on the Celiac disease dataset, models with HistoPerm outperform the fully supervised baseline model by 6%, 5%, and 2% for BYOL, SimCLR, and VICReg, respectively. For the Renal Cell Carcinoma dataset, HistoPerm lowers the classification accuracy gap for the models up to 10% relative to the fully supervised baseline. These findings suggest that HistoPerm can be a valuable tool for improving representation learning of histopathology features when access to labeled data is limited and can lead to whole-slide classification results that are comparable to or superior to fully supervised methods.

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