Healthcare Professionals

Publication Date May 20, 2022


This chapter analyzes the need and importance of changing or adjusting educational and training models that provide health professionals with the skills and abilities that enable them to successfully face the transformations that have been operating in society and in the health universe/provision of care at a global level, with greater impact on the Western world, while also trying to analyze the impacts of the current pandemic crisis for the training of highly competent health professionals in responding to health situations or crises. Either the pandemic crisis, the demographic or epidemiological crisis, or the redistribution of the burden of disability necessarily generate elements of change in health systems, in the roles of health professionals, and in the design of educational and training programs. Professionals need to be prepared to face the new challenges that this complex framework entails in the health of the population. This chapter presents the five central axes of this process of change.

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Change In Health Systems
Roles Of Health Professionals
Provide Health Professionals
Pandemic Crisis
Health Professionals
Design Of Educational Programs
Design Of Training Programs
Training Models
Global Level
Healthcare Professionals

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