Materials Research Express | VOL. 5

Green synthesis of ZnO hollow microspheres and ZnO/rGO nanocomposite using red rice husk extract and their photocatalytic performance

Publication Date Aug 3, 2018


ZnO hollow microspheres and ZnO hollow microspheres/reduced graphene oxide (ZnO/rGO) nanocomposites were synthesized for the first time by a completely green method based on red rice husk extract as an effective oxidizing agent as well as a chelating agent and water as a solvent. The green ZnO and ZnO/rGO materials were characterized by x-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscope, FTIR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, BET surface area analyzer and TGA. The results showed that the biosynthesized ZnO and ZnO/rGO has a hollow spherical morphology composed of small ZnO particles with the mean particle size of about 15 nm. The Raman and XRD measurements demonstrated that the as-prepared ZnO structures are of wurtzite hexagonal phase with high crystallinity. The synthesized green ZnO microspheres show high photocatalytic activity for the degradation of malachite green dye as a model pollutant. The photoctalytic activity was further increased in the presence of ZnO/rGO nanocomposite evidencing the role of graphene oxide in capturing the photogenerated electrons and decreasing the electron–hole pair recombination.


Degradation Of Malachite Green Dye ZnO Hollow Microspheres Green ZnO Model Pollutant Graphene Oxide High Crystallinity Photocatalytic Performance Hollow ZnO FTIR Spectroscopy Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites

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