This investigation presents a photometric study of the Galactic structure toward the Carina arm tangent. The field is located between 280 deg and 286 deg galactic longitude and -4 deg to 4 deg galactic latitude. All currently available uvbybeta data is used to obtain homogeneous color excesses and distances for more than 260 stars of spectral types O to G. We present revised distances and average extinction for the open clusters and cluster candidates NGC 3293, NGC 3114, Loden 46 and Loden 112. The cluster candidate Loden 112 appears to be a very compact group at a true distance modulus of 11.06 +\- 0.11 (s.e.) (1629 +84,-80 pc), significantly closer than previous estimates. We found other OB stars at that same distance and, based on their proper motions, suggest a new OB association at coordinates 282 deg < l < 285 deg, -2 deg < b < 2 deg. Utilizing BV photometry and spectral classification of the known O-type stars in the very young open cluster Wd 2 we provide a new distance estimate of 14.13 +\-0.16 (s.e.) (6698 +512,-475 pc), in excellent agreement with recent distance determinations to the giant molecular structures in this direction. We also discuss a possible connection between the HII region RCW 45 and the highly-reddened B+ star CPD -55 3036 and provide a revised distance for the luminous blue variable HR Car.

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