This work is motivated by an interest in understanding the fuel interchangeability of a fuel nozzle to operate under extreme lean operating conditions. A lean premixed, swirl-stabilized fuel nozzle designed with central pilot hub was used to test various fuel blends for combustion characteristics. Current gas turbine combustion technology primarily focuses on burning natural gas for industrial systems. However, interest in utilizing additional options due to environmental regulations as well as concerns about energy security have motivated interest in using fuel gases that have blends of Methane, Propane, H2, CO, CO2, and N2. For example, fuel blends of 35%/60% to 55%/35% of CH4/CO2 are typically seen in Landfill gases. Syngas fuels are typically composed primarily of H2, CO, and N2. CH4/N2 fuel blend mixtures can be derived from biomass gasification. Stringent emission requirements for gas turbines stipulate operating at extreme lean conditions, which can reduce NOx emissions. However, lean operating conditions pose the problem of potential blowout resulting in loss of performance and downtime. Therefore, it is important to understand the Lean Blowout (LBO) limits and involved mechanisms that lead to a blowout. While a significant amount of research has been performed to understand lean blowout limits and mechanisms for natural gas, research on LBO limits and mechanisms for fuel blends has only been concentrated on fuel blends of CH4 and H2 such as syngas. This paper studies the lean blowout limits with fuel blends CH4-C3H8, CH4-CO2, and CH4-N2 and also their effect on the stability limits as the pilot fuel percentage was varied. Experimental results demonstrate that the addition of propane, nitrogen and carbon dioxide has minimal effect on the adiabatic flame temperature when the flame becomes unstable under lean operating conditions. On the other hand, the addition of diluent gas showed a potential blowout at higher adiabatic temperatures.

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