It is widely accepted that sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. However, the question of how to apply this principle to flood management remains insufficiently answered. This article outlines a new strategic concept termed as “Flood Sharing” as a means toward sustainable flood management. Contrary to the traditional concept of flood confinement or blocking, the new concept advocates the need to alleviate flood damage by reducing inundation depth via expanding flood inundation areas. It differs from other contemporary thinking such as “make space for water” and “room for the river” in its emphasis on using the urban fabric. Evidence from a case study was presented to support this new concept, and model/data analyses have been conducted to show that it could be realized through the wise use of infrastructure.


  • Flooding is one of the major natural hazards that human beings have been coping with for centuries.What is the current situation? By any number of accounts, the world in general appears to be facing even greater challenges from flooding today than it did a generation ago

  • This gives a new and in-depth explanation why flood damage density has been increasing while the inundation area has been decreasing

  • The rainfall peak was higher in 2011 than 2004. For such an intensified multi-peak weather pattern, upstream dams would lose their capacities in regulating the second peak flow. It implies that a new concept, a new approach must be sought to deal with the evolving trend of flood hazards

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Flooding is one of the major natural hazards that human beings have been coping with for centuries. Noubi plain is famous in Japan for the large number of dike rings constructed during the Edo Era [5] Another traditional countermeasure is the so-called double-dike, which was first used in the Yellow River in China dating back to the North Song. The concept of integrated flood management for sustainability has been gaining momentum It calls for a paradigm shift from the traditional, fragmented and localized approach, and encourages the use of the resources of a river basin as a whole, employing strategies to maintain or augment the productivity of floodplains, while at the same time providing protective measures against losses due to flooding. Hazard Mitigation Grant Program [12] It effectively reduced the number of local flood prone residences and these areas are being used as neighborhood parks. It reasons that strategies different from enclosure or blocking and clean-up of riparian zones should be explored, and it presents a new framework with innovative thinking towards the realization of “living with floods”

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A New Concept

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