Free Learning for Humanity (FLH) is a new initiative to bring free online learning, experience, and new forms of credentials to those without access to higher education from an accredited institution. FLH is resourced as part of a seed grant from IEEE New Initiatives Committee plus from a growing base of worldwide volunteers and organizations. FLH is not a program or a system, but rather a set of contributions to an ecosystem, which self-directed learners can draw from to meet their unique needs. The vision of free learning for all of humanity is widely embraced, and is now becoming more feasible with falling computer prices and the availability of the Internet and electricity in developing countries. OpenCourseWare (OCW) has been available from many sources for a decade, which FLH will leverage. However, learners still need an on-ramp to real world experience, the forthcoming IEEE Task Registry funded by same seed grant will provide. Online badges and certificates are becoming widely available and industry accepted, and FLH will leverage, but a composite credential is needed for those who learn as much as college graduates. Towards this end, FLH is setting up individuals with a Quality Management System (QMS) for their self-directed lifelong learning, for both the achievement of their learning and experience goals, and also for continually gaining new expertise needed by market changes, which builds on a recent pilot where a self-paced learner's QMS gained registration to ISO-9001, Quality Assurance. This, plus completing a college-equivalent online set of courses, work or volunteer experience, participation in a professional society, and commitment to a code of ethics could comprise a new professional certification that could serve those without affordable access to an accredited degree. FLH is working in close liaison with the IEEE Actionable Data Book (ADB), an activity conducted under the aegis of the IEEE Standards Association Industry Connections Program and the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee. The ADB goal is to define an open and transformative blend of mobile technology, experiential analytics for evidence-based management, and rich media, delivered through interactive e-book technology. FLH has kicked off a pilot with three participants from developing countries, who are being guided to set up a QMS for setting goals and objectives, selecting the best free online courses, applying for freelance or volunteer tasks to support their learning goals, and other elements of becoming a self-directed lifelong learner. An online course is being developed to guide others who follow. FLH welcomes new ideas, initiatives, capabilities, pilots, liaisons, and active participants in this new initiative.

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