• In Romania, the provision of multiple forest ecosystem services is regulated since decades. • De jure , the mandatory forest management planning uses a functionally-integrated approach. • Natura 2000 planning adopts a general precautionary approach, at the expenses of forest owners. • The forest certification uses participatory approaches in the identification of high conservation values. • The regulatory approach needs adaptations meant to reduce the gap between de jure and de facto. Romania has traditionally dealt with forest ecosystem services (FES) using a regulatory process of designing forest management plans (FMPs). We set an analytical framework to assess the integrated approach between FMPs, Natura 2000 biodiversity conservation network, and the forest certification system. The results show that, despite some relevant additional inputs, the delivery of FES remains strongly related to the normative FMP process. The specific presence of protected species and habitats of community interest has been identified on 18% of the Natura 2000 area included in the analysis. The Natura 2000 management plans are largely conveyed in elusive and precautionary terms of reference, so adding opportunity and administrative costs supported by forest owners. The participatory approach used in the forest certification process resulted in the identification of additional cultural, regulating and habitat ecosystem services on 1.6% of the analysed area. Considering the discrepancies between de jure normative planning and de facto implementation, we discuss the need for adapting the regulatory FES governance framework by making use of e.g. bottom-up participatory approaches, monitoring indicators for the effectiveness of management measures, and valuation techniques that would make beneficiaries and civil society to consider the opportunity costs for the delivery of FES.

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