Introduction. The problem of the ratio of planned regulation and the market in the conditions of centralization of the Russian economy during the civil war is relevant. The role of the illegal market in the context of food supply of the population in the conditions of military Communist policy is considered on the example of the Ryazan province. Materials and Methods. As a theoretical and methodological strategy of the study, we consider the problem-chronological method, the implementation of which, in conjunction with the method of political psychology, allows us to comprehensively consider the problem of illegal supply of local population with food products during the Civil war. Results. The article analyzes the activities of state bodies aimed at eliminating the system of self-supply, through the implementation of the food dictatorship, the organization of the grain monopoly. Bagging is investigated as part of social history, human behavior in extreme conditions of civil war and famine. Special attention is paid to the complex relationship of illegal suppliers with representatives of the provincial government, employees of food authorities, railway workers. Abuse of barrage detachments in relation to railway employees is investigated. The situation with food in the Ryazan province in the period under review, was a reflection of the overall picture with the supply of bread in the country. The supply of the population was experiencing a serious crisis, which led to the introduction of emergency measures against the illegal market. The state used a monopoly on bread, suppressed attempts to speculate on food. Discussion and Conclusion. Despite the anti-market ideology, the grain monopoly, the Bolsheviks failed to combat the elements of market consciousness among the population in 1918 and 1919. The Market found an opportunity to adapt and exist in the planning and distribution system. Later it transformed into freedom of trade under the NEP.

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