Limnology | VOL. 6

Food shortage affects flight migration of the giant water bug Lethocerus deyrolli in the prewintering season

Publication Date Aug 4, 2005


The endangered giant water bug Lethocerus deyrolli (Vuillefroy) is frequently attracted in large numbers to artificial lights in Japan. To examine factors enhancing flight migration for L. deyrolli, we carried out field work in western Hyogo Prefecture, central Japan, in September during the nonreproductive and prewintering season. The body weight of specimens collected under flight migration (flight bugs) was significantly less than that of those collected in ponds (pond bugs). A field experiment using open cages in a rice paddy field was carried out with two treatments, with and without a food supply. The remaining rate of L. deyrolli for the food present treatment was significantly higher than that for the food absent treatment for the first two days. These results suggest that L. deyrolli would fly in search of food when the food supply of the present habitat becomes unsuitable.


Giant Water Bug Lethocerus Rice Paddy Field Open Cages Central Japan Food Supply Supply Of Habitat Field Work Field Experiment Migration Flight Water Bug Lethocerus

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