Food Safety Related to Biotechnology: Role of IFBC

Publication Date Jan 1, 1990


The International Food Biotechnology Council (IFBC) is studying safety and regulatory issues associated with foods and food ingredients from genetically modified sources. This study will culminate in a document that recommends scientifically-based criteria useful for evaluating the acceptability of these new foods. The IFBC document will provide decision trees to guide the evaluation process to safety determinations as well as offering guidance toward compatible regulatory decision-making. The recommended evaluation process will focus on the characteristics of the food product including a detailed pedigree, a profile of major nutrients, a screen for suspected toxicants, an exposure assessment and, for ingredients, an assessment of adherence to established specifications or the drafting of ones appropriate to the product and process. Additional scrutiny will be recommended for products containing components new to the food supply, products with reduced nutritional quality or significantly increased levels of naturally-occurring toxicants, or products with significantly increased dietary exposure potential.


Food Ingredients Exposure Assessment Profile Of Nutrients Evaluation Process Acceptability Of Foods Levels Of Toxicants Characteristics Of Product Safety Issues Scientifically-based Criteria Detailed Pedigree

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