Fluidised Bed Combustion of Two Species of Energy Crops

Publication Date Jan 1, 2009


The use of biomass fuels for energy production through combustion has a growing application worldwide mainly for two reasons: first, the utilization of biomass for energy contributes to mitigate emission of green house gases; second, its use decreases the dependence of imported fossil fuels in Europe. The objective of this work was to study the combustion behaviour of two endogenous biomass species: cardoon (cynara cardunculus) and arundo (arundo donax), which were specially produced in energy crops plantations. Mixtures of cardoon and a forestry biomass specie (eucalyptus) were also studied to evaluate potential benefits from synergies between both biomass fuel types. The results showed that the utilization of cardoon, in pelletized form, and loose arundo as feedstock, did not give rise to any operational problems related with the feeding system. It was verified that the mono combustion of cardoon could pose problems at industrial scale in fluidised bed systems, considering the high levels of HCl and NOx emissions obtained and tendency to sinter the bed sand material. The addition of the forestry biomass to cardoon appeared to prevent the bed agglomeration problem. Furthermore, both the NOx and SO2 emissions were found to decrease at the same time suggesting potential synergy of blending different types of biomass regarding pollutant emissions and in bed agglomeration problems.


Utilization Of Biomass For Energy Use Of Biomass Fuels Different Types Of Biomass Cynara Cardunculus Fluidised Bed Systems Forestry Biomass Arundo Donax Emission Of Greenhouse Gases Types Of Biomass Pelletized Form

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