Urgency of the research. The need to ensure sustainable economic growth and social stability, increase competitiveness, and strengthen the integration economy processes put new challenges to have effective state regulation of socio-economic development, which is possible in the presence of an adaptive and balanced fiscal policy. Target setting. It is important to increase the level of validity fiscal policy perspective directions considering the state of the economy and business activity levels. Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. Development of approaches to formation an effective fiscal policy is devoted to the publication of many scholars, such as Sh. Blankart, J. Keynes, O. Vasilik, L. Lysiak, V. Oparin, V. Fedosov, I. Chugunov. Uninvestigated parts of general matters defining. At the present stage of socio-economic development, the concept of fiscal policy as a tool of macroeconomic regulation remains poorly defined. The research objective. To substantiate the position of fiscal policy as an instrument of macroeconomic regulation; to determine the ways of influencing fiscal policy on achievement of strategic goals and balancing the economy in conditions of its volatility. The statement of basic materials. Fiscal policy is a tool for effective regulation of the economy. The formation of fiscal policy requires conformity with cyclical economic development and orientation towards ensuring the development of the real sector of economy on the basis of the endogenous economy. Conclusions. Fiscal policy should be considered as a tool of macroeconomic regulation, which is a set of interconnected institutional components, the integrity of which will contribute to balanced socio-economic development.

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