arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics | VOL. 584

First X-ray dectection of the young variable V1180 Cas

Publication Date Sep 25, 2015


V1180 Cas is a young variable that has shown strong photometric fluctuations (Delta_I~6mag) in the recent past, which have been attributed to events of enhanced accretion. The source has entered a new high-brightness state in Sept.2013, which we have previously analyzed through optical and near-IR spectroscopy. To investigate the current active phase of V1180 Cas, we performed observations with the Chandra satellite to study the X-ray emission from the object and its connection to accretion episodes. Chandra observations were performed in early Aug.2014. Complementary JHK photometry and J-band spectra were taken at our Campo Imperatore facility to relate the X-ray and near-IR emission from the target. We observe a peak of X-ray emission at the nominal position of V1180 Cas. This signal corresponds to an X-ray luminosity L_X(0.5-7 kev) in the range 0.8-2.2e30 erg/s. Based on the relatively short duration of the dim states in the light curve and on stellar luminosity considerations, we explored the possibility that the brightness minima of V1180 Cas are driven by extinction variations. From the analysis of the spectral energy distribution of the high state we infer a stellar luminosity of 0.8-0.9 Lsun and find that the derived L_X is comparable to the average X-ray luminosities of T Tauri stars. Moreover, the X-ray luminosity is lower than the X-ray emission levels of 5e30 -1e31 erg/s detected at outbursts in similar low-mass objects. Our analysis suggests that at least part of the photometric fluctuations of V1180 Cas might b...

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