Plant Disease

First Report of Tobacco Root Rot Caused by Fusarium falciforme in China

Publication Date Aug 8, 2022


China is the largest producer of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) in the world with an estimated production of 2.4 million ton per year (Berbeć and Matyka 2020). In June 2021, a root disease was observed on tobacco in three surveyed counties (Xiangcheng, Linying and Jiaxian) in central Henan. Diseased plants exhibited leaf chlorosis and brown to purplish vascular discoloration of the taproot and lateral roots. Approximately 10 to 15% of the plants were symptomatic in the nine fields surveyed, representing 60 ha in total. Root segments (0.5 to 1 cm) from ten diseased plants were surface sterilized in 75% ethanol for 30 s followed by rinsing with sterile distilled water three times. Thirty air dried root pieces were placed on potato dextrose agar (PDA) and incubated at 25℃ in the dark for 2 days. Typical Fusarium spp. colonies were obtained from all root samples. Ten pure cultures were obtained by single-spore culturing (Yz01 to Yz10). Colonies on PDA showed abundant white to cream aerial mycelia with a yellowish-brown center on the reverse side after 7 days, and an average growth rate of 5 mm/day. From 7-day-old cultures grown on carnation leaf agar (CLA), macroconidia had three to four septa, were falciform, with blunt apical cells and slightly hooked basal cell, and measured 20 to 41×3-6.5 μm (n=50). Spherical conidia clusters were formed at the apex of the conidiophores. Abundant reniform and cylindrical microconidia were one to two-celled, with apexes rounded, measuring 7 to 15×2 to 5 μm (n=50). The roughly spherical chlam...


Tobacco Root Rot Plant Dis Root Rot Carnation Leaf Agar EF1-α Gene Sequence Translation Elongation Factor 1-alpha Ha In Total Tobacco In China Fusarium Falciforme Central Henan

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