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First Report of Powdery Mildew on Astragalus sinicus (Chinese Milk Vetch) Caused by Erysiphe trifoliorum in China

Publication Date Sep 1, 2022


Astragalus sinicus L., (Chinese milk vetch) is a traditional leguminous green manure that plays a significant role in maintaining paddy soil fertility to enhance yield and the quality of rice in China. It is also found in gardens, roadsides, farms, fields, riverbanks, open wastelands, and is often used as livestock feed. From February 2019 to 2021, severe powdery mildew infections were observed on hundreds of A. sinicus grown in gardens and at roadsides of Fuzhou city, China. The disease incidence was up to 100% on leaves and stems of A. sinicus. White superficial fungal colonies (circular to irregular patches) were present on both sides of the leaves. Hyphae were flexuous to straight, branched, 4 to 8 µm in width, and septate. Hyphal appressoria were lobulate and solitary or in opposite pairs. Conidiophores were erect and straight, hyaline, and 60 to 120 × 8 to 10 µm (n=30). Foot cell was cylindrical, straight to slightly curved, 22 to 38 × 8 to 10 µm, followed by two to three shorter cells. Conidia were cylindrical-oval to doliiform, 30 to 48 × 13.5 to 24 μm with a length/width ratio of 1.6 to 2.4 (n = 30), formed singly, and without fibrosin bodies. Conidial germ tubes were produced subterminal position. No chasmothecia were found in the collected samples. The morphological characteristics of asexual structures were consistent with the descriptions of E. trifoliorum (Wallr.) U. Braun in Braun and Cook (2012). To verify the identification of the pathogen, the ITS and the part of large subunit (LSU) rDNA gene of the isolat...


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