Plant Disease

First Report of Powdery Mildew Caused by Podosphaera xanthii on Cuphea hyssopifolia (Lythraceae) in Mainland China.

Publication Date Mar 29, 2021


Cuphea hyssopifolia (Mexican heather) is a popular evergreen perennial shrub used for ornamental and medicinal purposes. Due to its high ornamental value, it is often used as a ground cover in parks and gardens in China. During February and March 2019 & 2020, powdery mildew was observed on C. hyssopifolia in the districts of Minhou and Jinshan of Fuzhou, China. Disease incidence was 70% but of low severity with only a few older leaves showing yellowing and wilting. Sparse irregular patches of white superficial powdery mildew observed on both sides of mature and young leaves. The powdery mildew fungal appressoria that occurred on epigenous hyphae, were indistinct to nipple-shaped, hyaline, and smooth. Conidiophores were erect, smooth, 80 to 210 × 10 to 12 µm, and produced two to eight crenate-shaped conidia in chains. Foot-cells of conidiophores were straight, cylindric, and 30 to 65 × 10 to12 µm. Conidia were hyaline, smooth, ellipsoid-ovoid to barrel-shaped, 25 to 38 × 16 to 20 µm with distinct fibrosin bodies. Germ tubes were simple to forked and produced from the lateral position of the germinating conidia. No chasmothecia were observed on the surface of infected leaves. Based on the morphology of the imperfect state, the powdery mildew fungus was identified as Podosphaera xanthii (Castagne) U. Braun & N. Shishkoff (Braun and Cook 2012). To confirm fungal identification, total DNA was extracted (Mukhtar et al., 2018) directly from epiphytic mycelia on infected leaves collected from both districts. Internal transcribed spa...

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Powdery Mildew
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