Chemical Engineering Journal | VOL. 382

Experimental study of a single char particle combustion characteristics in a fluidized bed under O2/H2O condition

Publication Date Feb 1, 2020


Abstract Oxy-steam combustion is a potential new route for oxy-fuel combustion with carbon capture from coal-fired power plants. In the present work, the combustion behavior of single char particles were investigated in a transparent fluidized bed combustor under different operating conditions (i.e., gas atmosphere, oxygen concentration, coal rank, location, fluidization number, particle size, and bed temperature). Both pre-calibrated two-color pryrometry and a flexible thermocouple were used to measure the char particle temperature in the combustion tests. Results indicated that the pore structure of the char generated in H2O atmosphere was better than that generated in CO2 and N2 atmospheres. As expected, with increase of oxygen concentration, the burnout time (tb) decreased, and the particle temperature (Tp) increased. The sequence of burnout times for different rank coal char particles was: anthracite > bituminous coal > lignite. Interestingly, comparing O2/CO2 and O2/N2 combustion, a shorter tb and a lower Tp of char could be achieved simultaneously in O2/H2O combustion, regardless of location and oxygen concentration. Furthermore, the increase of fluidization number strengthened the mass and heat transfer between the char and the environment, thereby reducing the tb and Tp of char. With increasing of particle size, the Tp slightly decreased, the tb increased markedly, and the gasification reactions became more and more significant. As the bed temperature increased, the gasification rate increased exponentially, and the...

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