Prosiding Seminar Nasional Masyarakat Biodiversitas Indonesia | VOL. 6

Ex situ conservation of the Moraceae Family in the Bogor Botanical Gardens, West Java

Publication Date Feb 24, 2020


Abstract. Sahromi. 2020. Ex situ conservation of the Moraceae Family in the Bogor Botanical Gardens. Pros Sem Nas Masy Biodiv Indon 6: 505-511. Moraceae belongs to a family of flowering plants and is a large family that has many species of around 1000 species. In the world, this family is known as Mulberry (mulberry family) or Ara family (fig family), in Indonesia is known as beringin-beriginan family. Bogor Botanical Gardens as an ex situ plant conservation institution has collected Moraceae species in the form of botanical gardens with the aim of preservation and research. The research aim was to re-identify the collection of species of Moraceae in the Bogor Botanical Gardens, West Java by carrying out a re-inventory and secondary data search in the Bogor Botanical Gardens Registration units, as well as exploring their potential uses. The results of inventorization in the Bogor Botanical Gardens collection, there were about 56 species of Moraceae family or about 9.33% of species of Moraceae in the Asia tropics and Australasia, and there were 12 genera, namely Ficus, Artocarpus, Morus, Streblus, Taxotrophis, Antiaris, Brosimum, Castilla, Milicia (Chlorophora), Dorstenia, Parartocarpus, and Piratinera. Habitus of species of family Moraceae in the Botanical Gardens collection which is mostly in the form of trees, then shrubs, semi-epiphytes and herbs. Potential uses of Moraceae family, include: (i) the genus Artocarpus as a producer of edible fruits and seeds, young fruit as a vegetable, a good source of carbohydrates, a good...

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