Infection, Genetics and Evolution | VOL. 46

Evaluation and modeling of HIV based on communication theory in biological systems

Publication Date Dec 1, 2016


Some forms of communication are used in biological systems such as HIV transmission in human beings. In this paper, we plan to get a unique insight into biological communication systems generally through the analogy between HIV infection and electrical communication system. The model established in this paper can be used to test and simulate various communication systems since it provides researchers with an opportunity. We interpret biological communication systems by using telecommunications exemplification from a layered communication protocol developed before and use the model to indicate HIV spreading. We also implement a simulation of HIV infection based on the layered communication protocol to predict the development of this disease and the results prove the validity of the model.

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Biological Systems
Biological Communication Systems
Layered Communication Protocol
Electrical Communication System
Communication Systems
Layered Protocol
HIV Spreading
Communication Theory
HIV Transmission
HIV Infection

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