1. Inequalities, intersectionality and equality and diversity initiatives: the conundrums and challenges of researching equality, inequalities and diversity Geraldine Healy, Gill Kirton & Mike Noon .- 2. The social construction of diversity, equality and inclusion an exploration of academic and public discourses Cliff Oswick .- 3. Linguistic diversity in the UK and Ireland Does the meaning of equality get lost in translation? Luke McDonagh .- 4. Navigating multi-layered uncertainty: EU member state and organizational perspectives on positive action Lizzie Barmes .- 5. Ethnic and religious diversity in Britain: where are we going? Prakash Shah .- 6. Tax law as an instrument of workplace diversity Ann Mumford .- 7. Criminalising and prosecuting disability hate crime Peter Aldridge .- 8. Resources and Constraints of Diversity and Equality Officers: Theoretical and Practitioner Reflections Ahu Tatli and Sanchia Alasia.- 9. Flexibility and Equality: Friend or Foe? Hazel Conley .- 10. Gender, ethnicity and migration in Black women's businesses start-up resourcing Cynthia Forson .- 11. The use of quotas in the most equal of the regions - politics and corporate boards in Scandinavian countries Cathrine Seierstad .- 12. Relevance of US and UK national histories in the understanding of racism and inequality in work and career Franklin Oikelome .- 13. The Labour market context and its effect on women's participation in independent business and professional networks - a comparative study of Germany and UK Nicole Avdelidou-Fischer.- 14. Exploring the intersections of gender, sexuality and class in the transport and construction industries Tessa Wright .- 15. Work-life balance: attitudes and expectations of young black and minority ethnic graduates Gill Kirton.- 16. What shapes the careers of young black and minority ethnic people Geraldine Healy and Harriet Bradley.

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