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Energy Imperatives for India vis-à-vis China and Brazil

Publication Date Jan 1, 2007


Energy consumption is directly linked to industrialization, economic strength and the life-style of a country. Although, energy consumption in India has increased several folds in the post independence era, its per capita average energy consumption level is far below that of comparably large developing economies like China and Brazil. During the last sixty years, India, China and Brazil have all made progress in exploitation of their vast natural potential of energy sources, both from fossil fuels and new and renewable sources but still these three countries are way behind the global average in per capita consumption of energy. We have attempted to analyze the experience of the three largest developing countries in the world by land area, namely, China, Brazil and India, in energy exploitation. This includes limitations of fossil fuels and their adverse effect on the environment and biodiversity. There is a need to develop self-sustaining units of energy, based on local inexhaustible sources, which are available in abundance in our country. This requires emphasis on harnessing solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, etc. which are reliable, plentiful and environmentally friendly. Energy from these sources does not affect biodiversity, marine life and there is no emission of green house gases.


Energy Consumption In India Capita Consumption Of Energy Consumption In India Post Independence Era Emission Of Greenhouse Gases Energy Consumption Economic Strength Energy Exploitation Global Average Average Consumption Level

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