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Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Console Desalination Plant with Low Temperature Distillation

Publication Date Dec 29, 2014


This article describes the console plant for desalination of saline water, which uses a quasi-adiabatic process with difference of the water temperature lower than 5 °C. That provides ecological safety when the seawater is used as a source of saline water. The main element of the installation is a patented heat mass transfer device with a huge surface area of contact. Only a small portion of saline water flows through device, which can be pre bactericidal treated, such as of quartz. In this case, the cold of the desalination plant can be utilized that allows using this cooled and dehumidified air for air conditioning. The article presents a thermodynamic diagram processing air and block diagram of this desalination plant, and an analysis of similar devices for desalination.


Source Of Saline Water Low Temperature Distillation Quasi-adiabatic Process Ecological Safety Desalination Plant Source Of Water Thermodynamic Processing Desalination Of Saline Water Saline Water Flows Devices For Desalination

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