The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Energy deficit increases hepcidin and exacerbates declines in dietary iron absorption following strenuous physical activity: a randomized-controlled cross-over trial

Publication Date Nov 12, 2020


ABSTRACT Background Strenuous physical activity promotes inflammation and depletes muscle glycogen, which may increase the iron regulatory hormone hepcidin. Hepcidin reduces dietary iron absorption and may contribute to declines in iron status frequently observed following strenuous physical activity. Objectives To determine the effects of strenuous physical activity on hepcidin and dietary iron absorption and whether energy deficit compared with energy balance modifies those effects. Methods This was a randomized, cross-over, controlled-feeding trial in healthy male subjects (n = 10, mean ± SD age: 22.4 ± 5.4 y, weight: 87.3 ± 10.9 kg) with sufficient iron status (serum ferritin 77.0 ± 36.7 ng/mL). Rest measurements were collected before participants began a 72-h simulated sustained military operation (SUSOPS), designed to elicit high energy expenditure, glycogen depletion, and inflammation, followed by a 7-d recovery period. Two 72-h SUSOPS trials were performed where participants were randomly assigned to consume either energy matched (±10%) to their individual estimated total daily energy expenditure (BAL) or energy at 45% of total daily energy expenditure to induce energy deficit (DEF). On the rest day and at the completion of BAL and DEF, participants consumed a beverage containing 3.8 mg of a stable iron isotope, and plasma isotope a...


Hepcidin Dietary Iron Absorption Stable Iron Isotope Strenuous Physical Activity Energy Deficit Total Daily Energy Expenditure Iron Regulatory Hormone Hepcidin Iron Randomized-controlled Cross-over Trial Strenuous Activity

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