Arctic and Alpine Research | VOL. 18

Energy Budget and Prey Requirements of Breeding Lapland Longspurs near Barrow, Alaska, U.S.A.

Publication Date Nov 1, 1986


Breeding Lapland longspurs, Calcarius lapponicus, near Barrow, Alaska, have relatively constant energy demands throughout the summer; the average estimated daily energy budgets (DEBs) were 132 and 118 kJ for the male and female. Thermoregulation accounted consistently for one-quarter to one-third of the total DEB. Flight in the male and incubation in the female were major components of the DEB early in the season, whereas cost of molt was a major component for both sexes near the end of the season. Our estimates of longspur DEB based on a time-activity approach were similar to those based on a cage existence model. Minor differences are explained by increased male territorial activity, by energy savings of the female during incubation, and by contraction of the molt for both sexes within the short summer season. Male and female longspurs were estimated to capture 3000 to 10,000 seeds and insects d-~ (3-20 items min-' foraging) for self maintenance while in summer residence near Barrow. Each adult was estimated to capture an additional 3000 insects d-~ (6-7 insects minm- foraging) during the peak energy requirements to raise five young. While raising young, the maximum required capture rate of prey per time foraging for each adult occurred during the nestling stage; young are just achieving independence, however, when food supply is at a maximum.


Daily Energy Budgets End Of The Season Constant Energy Demands Cost Of Molt Short Summer Season Lapland Longspurs Summer Residence Energy Budget Food Supply Major Component

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