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Energias Renováveis e Segurança Hídrica: a energia termossolar como alternativa para a dessalinização da água do mar no Norte da África e Oriente Médio

Publication Date Apr 29, 2016


Climate change-related events, added to estimations about economical and population growth – tend to aggravate water scarcity, which is already affecting almost every country in the North of Africa and the Middle East. Based on a critical analysis of the “ACQUA-CSP” report, we discuss the initiatives devoted to the mitigation of water stress in these regions, with an emphasis on the seawater desalination processes. Since existing desalination plants are currently powered by fossil fuels, the use of thermo solar energy will be introduced as a sustainable strategy for the increase of water supply. We conclude that, in order to achieve the successful management of water resources, engineering and infrastructure solutions must be oriented by democratic institutions able to mediate conflicts over the allocation of water resources.

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Existing Desalination Plants
Allocation Of Water Resources
Seawater Desalination Processes
Population Growth
Infrastructure Solutions
Successful Management Of Resources
Democratic Institutions
North Of Africa
Use Of Solar Energy
Fossil Fuels

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