Current Microbiology | VOL. 78

Endophytic Microbial Diversity: A New Hope for the Production of Novel Anti-tumor and Anti-HIV Agents as Future Therapeutics.

Publication Date May 1, 2021


Cancer is a collective name for a variety of diseases that can begin in virtually every organ or body tissue as abnormal cells develop uncontrollably and ten million new cancer cases are diagnosed all over the world at present. Whereas HIV is a virus that makes people susceptible to infection and contributes to the condition of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Almost 37 million people are currently diagnosed with HIV and 1 million people die every year, which is the worst-case scenario. Potential medicinal compounds have played a crucial role in the production of certain clinically beneficial novel anti-cancer and anti-HIV agents that are produced from natural sources especially from plants. These include Taxol, Vinblastine, Podophyllotoxin, Betulinic acid, Camptothecin, and Vincristine, etc. In the past decades, bioactive compounds were extracted directly from the plant sources which was more time consuming, led to low yield productivity, high cost, and bad impact on biodiversity. Endophytes, the microorganisms that reside inside the host plant by not causing any kind of harm to them and have potential applications in agriculture, medicine, pollution, and food industries. Therefore, by isolating and characterizing novel endophytes from medicinal plants and extracting their secondary metabolites to produce useful bioactive compounds can be beneficial for well-being and society as a future therapeutics. This approach is not harmful to biodiversity economical, timesaving, low cost, and can lead to the discovery of v...

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anti-HIV Agents
Low Cost
Endophytic Diversity
Betulinic Acid
Medicinal Plants
Bioactive Compounds
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Bad Impact
Applications In Agriculture
Worst-case Scenario

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