Endophytic bacteria: Role in sustainable agriculture

Publication Date Jan 1, 2020


Abstract Intensive agricultural practices, relying upon indiscriminate utilization of hazardous agrochemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides, are environmentally harmful and the expansion of such practices to fulfill future needs is not economically viable. There is an increasing global demand for introducing environmentally sound and eco-friendly practices in agriculture, in order to provide effective ways for enhancing crop productivity. Accordingly, the utilization of endophytic bacteria in agriculture proves to be a promising way for sustainable agricultural practices. The plant-associated endophytic microorganisms have promising potential to enhance the crop productivity. Many of the endophytic bacteria are reported to alleviate several biotic and abiotic stresses of plant. They have also been reported to promote the growth of plant through several biochemical and physiological attributes viz., biological nitrogen fixation, phosphate solubilization, siderophore production, and by synthesis of plant-growth-promoting substances. Apart from offering an economical and eco-friendly route for improving the plant nutrient supply and providing protection against varied abiotic and biotic stresses, endophytic bacteria play a potential role in enhancing crop productivity and maintaining soil health in a sustainable manner.


Biotic Stresses Enhancing Crop Productivity Maintaining Soil Health Intensive Agricultural Practices Biological Nitrogen Fixation Eco-friendly Practices Endophytic Bacteria Physiological Attributes Siderophore Production Phosphate Solubilization

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